Road Marking Paint

Convex/Vibrating Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

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It can be used in asphalt or concrete road for long-acting marking, widely used for road center line, highway edge line, curve, ramp and intersection speed - down marking line.

Technical Data:

We produce different standards of thermoplastic road marking paint, such as Chinese standard (JT/T280-04), BS standard, AASHTO standard and so on. The contents and raw materials are different with different standards. We can also produce according to customers’ non-standard customization.

Raw  material

C5  Petroleum Resin, CaCO3, Glass Beads, DOP, PE, etc.

Gravity,  g/m3

2.1  g/ml


white,  yellow,  etc.

Heating  Temperature


Softening  Point, oC

110  oC

Coating  Appearance

No  wrinkles, dots, blisters, cracks, fall-out & stick tyres

Drying  Time, min

Within  3 minutes

Compressive  Strength, MPa


Abrasive  Resistance, mg


Water  Resistance

Great(in  water for 24 hours)

Alkali  Resistance

Great(in  saturated solution of calcium hydroxide for 24 hours)

Glass  Beads, %


Fluidity,  s


Coating  Resisitance

Resist  -10oC for 4 hours

Heat  Resistance

Under  0oC-2oC for 4 hours

Package & Use:


25kg/bag,  by plastic woven bag. One ' container can load Max. 25 tons.


dry, cool,  avoid direct sunlight

Expiration  date

365  days

Theoretical  spray rate



1. Good moulding, high anti-pressure

High strength resin, match with high quality pigment, and imported additions such as heat-resistant agent, flatting agent, hard ploymer, which makes convex marking to be excellent. The abrasion and compactness of the marking is strong, which is not easy to peel off or deform.

2. Bright in color, high weather resistance

Imported rutile titanium dioxide (white) or heat-resisting chrome yellow (yellow), match with high quality pigment and anti-UV addition, which makes marking to be acid-resisting, alkali-resisting, and antifouling.

3. Fast dry speed

On condition of 0℃, relative humidity of 40%, the drying speed ≤ 3 min, with extremely low pollution.

4. Touch line vibration

Light and fast vibration when the car touches the line in order to warn driver to pay attention safety.

5. Reflection in rainy night

Unique dispensing glass beads provide excellent reflection even in rainy night.

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