Road Marking Paint

Convex/Vibrating Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

1-成品-热熔型道路标线涂料-黄色 600x600px.jpg


It can be used in asphalt or concrete road for long-acting marking, widely used for road center line, highway edge line, curve, ramp and intersection speed - down marking line.

Technical Data:

We produce different standards of thermoplastic road marking paint, such as Chinese standard (JT/T280-2004), BS standard, AASHTO standard and so on. The contents and raw materials are different with different standards. We can also produce according to customers’ non-standard customization.

Raw  material

C5  Petroleum Resin, CaCO3, Glass Beads, DOP, PE, etc.

Gravity,  g/m3

2.1  g/ml


white,  yellow,  etc.

Heating  Temperature


Softening  Point, oC

110  oC

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